Introduction of blackout curtains

Blackout curtains - Through a special process, the shading fibers are woven into the middle of the beautiful fabric. While offering gorgeous appearances, the blackout function is perfectly realized. The creation of new functional fabric has led to an improvement in curtain making. The traditional method of attaching linings behind the curtain usually can't unify two pieces ideally and curtains are not washable once attached together. At the same time, blackout curtains can also play a good role in thermal insulation, greatly reducing the energy waste of the home.

Schematic diagram of the shading degree of general curtains and the visual clarity of the room under the corresponding shading conditions.

Level 1

Basically invisible, the shading rate is more than 99.99%

Level 2

Vaguely visible, the shading rate is between 99.80%-99.99%

Dim line of sight, shading rate between 99.40%-99.80%

blackout curtains shading rate 1
blackout curtains shading rate 2
blackout curtains shading rate 3